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Our Values

Not Just A Number
Valued – Respected – Have each other’s back

Self-Motivated – Want to Win – Keep learning

Second family
Willingness to Sacrifice – Dedicated – Everyone goes home safe

Let Others Shine – Down to Earth – Never Forget Where We Come From


Your project needs are taken seriously. Bricker Wilson has extensive experience working side by side with Denver’s best commercial contractors, providing the most equitable solutions to project completion dates and budgetary needs. We offer options to unforeseen issues that arise and base the solutions upon what is best for our clients using Bricker Wilsons’ internal construction experience and teamwork. Bricker Wilson believes quality goes further than all else, therefore, we strive to maintain the highest standards on every project. We only consider a project complete when we receive 100% satisfaction from our clients. Our goal is to safely execute our scope of work with complete satisfaction.